Why Should You Consider Leasing Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment For Your Communal Laundry

Why should you consider leasing coin operated laundry equipment

In this article, we will talk about something some property managers don’t consider. Leasing coin laundry equipment for communal laundries.
Why leasing over owning? Keep on reading this article as we break down why leasing these
machines is a smart move.

Lower Initial Costs

Leasing your laundry equipment through Nina’s Laundrette can dramatically increase your cash flow. This is because we provide the machines at no cost to you. Instead, the money generated by the laundry equipment is used to cover the cost of the equipment.
Without the large upfront cost of equipment, you keep money in your pocket.

Maintenance and Repairs

Under the lease agreement, it’s our responsibility to care of maintenance and repairs to the machines. You don’t have to worry about finding a technician and spending money on repairs and maintenance.

We also provide QR codes on our machines so that residents can report issues directly to us.

Access to the Best Laundry Technology

Technology in laundry equipment has changed a lot in the past decade. Most communal laundries are stuck with outdated machines that only take coins.

Leasing Laundry equipment with Nina’s Laundrette is like having a subscription to the newest and best machines. We provide the latest machines that are energy and water-efficient. We also offer cash and card payments so it’s convenient for residents.

Scalable Communual Laundries

As a property manager sometimes it’s hard to gauge how many machines you’ll need. Having too many machines can result in a higher maintenance cost and lost opportunity.

We track the usage of your laundry equipment and can provide advice viability of providing additional washers and dryers.

As you can see, there are benefits of leasing coin laundry equipment for your communal laundry. If
If you are managing an apartment, hotel, or a member of an owner’s corporation. Consider our no-cost laundry equipment option.

We will supply the equipment at no cost to your building or business. Our team will take care of
the whole process, from installation to servicing and maintaining the laundry equipment. Don’t
hesitate to contact us for further details.

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