When is it time to go to the dry cleaners instead of the Coin Laundry Near Me

coin laundry near me

Ah, decisions, decisions. Are you searching for a coin laundry near me? Perhaps you’re tossing up whether Nina’s Laundrette will be the right place to get that red wine stain out of that silk dress you wore last weekend.

Don’t get us wrong; we know that finding a local laundry service near you is ideal for convince and clean clothes. But we also understand the need to care for your clothes, especially delicate pieces. Well, worry no more. These are Nina’s top signs to know when it’s time to head to the dry cleaners instead of a coin laundry near you.

Check the laundry label and type of material.

Delicate materials, like silk and wool, won’t do well at Nina’s. These kinds of unique materials need to either be dry cleaned or hand washed. Water has the opposite effect on the fabric and causes them to become stiff, shrink and even lose its shape.

How was it made?

If you want to wash the sweater that you hand knit, the dry cleaners will take care of it more than anyone else. Likewise, if you have a handmade piece of clothing that needs some extra TLC, a dry cleaner is worth the splurge.

How much did the garment cost?

This is a case of it is better to be safe than sorry. While at Nina’s, all our dryers and washers are gentle on your clothes, those speciality clothes you’ve invested extra cash will do best at the dry cleaners.

You’ve tried using a Coin Laundry, but the stain is not budging

We’ve all been there. You wear your favourite wool jumper out on the weekend, and bam, you spill your coffee. Day ruiner, for sure. Getting common stains out of clothing usually only takes a home remedy and a little patience, and you’ll be good to go. 

But dry cleaners are the better alternative for heavier stains on those delicate items. When you speak to the dry cleaner, let them know what the stain is from and how long it’s been there. That way, they can use the correct solvents that will work to lift the stain.

But Nina, where do I find a local dry cleaner, you ask? We’re neighbourly with Ultimate Dry Cleaners, just two doors up from us. These guys can take care of any clothing that can’t be washed at your local coin laundry.

If you still can’t get enough of us and think your local laundry near you will do it, head down to your local Nina’s Laundrette.

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