Discover the Benefits of Using a Local Laundromat

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If you’re someone who’s tired of doing laundry at home, or just looking for a change of scenery while you wash your clothes. Then a local laundromat may be just what you need. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using a local laundromat and why it can be a great option for those in need of clean clothes.

Save time at your local laundromat

First and foremost, using a local laundromat saves time. Doing laundry at home can be a time-consuming process, with multiple loads taking up hours of your day. But with a local laundromat, you can do all of your laundry at once, in just a fraction of the time it would take at home. Our washing machines offer two types of washes:

Express Wash

Express wash is our everyday cycle. The total run time is 24 minutes and includes one bath cycle, two rinse cycles and a spin cycle.

Super Wash

Super wash is our premium cycle. The total run time is 27 minutes (30 minutes on our 27kg machine) and includes two bath cycles, two rinse cycles and a spin cycle.

Additionally, many local laundromats offer large-capacity machines, so you can do even more laundry in one go. At Nina’s Laundrette, our largest capacity machine holds up to 27kg of laundry, that’s the equivalent of 6 laundry baskets!

Being able to wash more laundry at once means you’ll have more time to focus on other things you enjoy, such as spending time with loved ones or pursuing hobbies.

Flexible options for doing your laundry

Another benefit of using a local laundromat is the convenience factor. If you’re a renter, and don’t want to commit to purchasing and washer and dryer. If you own your own laundry equipment but they’re currently out of commission, a local coin laundry can be a lifesaver.

Instead of carting all your laundry to a family member or friend’s house and inconveniencing them, or paying for an expensive laundry service. You can visit your local laundromat in your own time. Nina’s Laundrette is open from 6AM to midnight 7 days a week so you can fit a laundry visit in even the busiest schedule.

Pay for your laundry using cash or card

Did you know that Nina’s Laundrette offers the option to pay by cash or card? For the traditionalists, you’re welcome to feed our machines to $1 and $2 coins. For everyone else, we offer BubblePay a cashless payment system so that you can pay for your laundry by card.

Environmentally friendly laundromats

In addition to time and convenience, choosing to use a local laundromat has environmental benefits. The commercial washing machines that we use are high capacity but are designed to use less water and energy than domestic washing machines and dryers.

Supporting your local laundromat supports your local community

Finally, using a local laundromat can be a great way to support your local community. When you use a local business, you’re supporting the local economy. It’s not just laundromats either, why not take the opportunity to buy a coffee and the cafe next door?

Use the time while you’re waiting for your laundry to wash or dry to explore your local neighborhood, discover that secret garden no one knows about, or that hidden wine bar.

Or just stay and chat with the other people who are also doing their laundry, who knows, you might make a life long friend.

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