Laundromat Etiquette – The Dos And Don’ts At Your Local Coin Laundry

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Trying to find a laundromat near you? But maybe it’s your first time using your local coin laundry and you need some guidance with the dos and don’ts. 

These are the unspoken rules that everyone who uses a laundromat should know. They’re how you stay polite and respectful while doing laundry Nina’s. 

Laundromat Dos 

These are the dos. They’re the way of using your manners without having to even say a word. 

Come prepared

When you come to Nina’s, make sure you’ve got all your washing detergent and your favorite stain removers. Everyone who uses Nina’s appreciates people are on time to pick up their washing. Hot tip, Set a reminder, so you remember to pick up your washing.

At Nina‘s, our machines conveniently tell you how much detergent you need for each load; you’d be surprised at how little you need (usually only ¼ or ½  a cup). Adding more will only lead to an overflow of suds, leaving a mess on the floor, and your clothes will be no cleaner than if you used the recommended amount.

When you come to Nina’s, you’re welcome to bring your own detergent. But if you forget on the odd occasion, no stress. We’ve got plenty in our vending machine available for purchase.

Wait a few minutes before respectfully removing someone else’s laundry 

Your local laundromat is a public space, so it’s important you be respectful of others’ property. For example, if you arrive at Nina’s and all the machines are in use, there happens to be one with a finished cycle. You can remove that person’s laundry from the machine, but please, do so respectfully. We like to stay friendly.

Respect the space 

Nina’s takes pride in being your local laundromat that’s clean. We’re a respectful community, so treat the space like your own. We kindly ask that you put your rubbish in the bin and clean up spills where possible.

If there are any coin jams, machines aren’t working, or water is spilled, use the QR codes to report any of the issues to Nina’s team so we can get it sorted ASAP. We’ll have Nina’s looking beautiful and functioning again in no time!

Laundromat Don’ts

These are the don’ts, the no-go’s and just straight-up not cool when at your local laundromat. 

Leave your laundry sitting in the washer/dryer 

We know sometimes you forget, but you should try to take your laundry out of the machine as soon as it’s done. That way, it’s free for someone else. If you aren’t there to take your laundry out of the machine, be aware that someone else might. It’s important to remember, especially on weekends, that our laundromat gets super busy. So do the right thing, and be there to remove your laundry when your cycle is finished.

Overload the washing machine or dryer

We get it, you want all your washing done in one machine, but we all know it should use two. When you jam-pack the machine, the quality of your wash will be affected, and your clothes will take much longer to dry. You are also much more likely to cause a flood or, worse, break the machine.

Try to reserve a machine 

Unfortunately, when reserving a machine, you can’t call it ‘shotgun’ at Nina’s. It’s laundromat policy everywhere that it’s first in best dressed. No reserving of machines around here. Sure, that means you might need to spend a bit more time at Nina’s, but there are plenty of things to do while you wait for your laundry

And there you have it, the unspoken (well now, written) dos and don’ts of your local coin laundry!

Our Northcote Laundromat is located at

267 St Georges Rd, Northcote