How to Complete the Family Laundry in Just a Few Hours

How to Complete the Family Laundry in Just a Few Hours

For all families, big or small, the family laundry is a task that can take up your entire weekend and one that truly never ends. But what if we told you by using your local laundromat, you could complete the entire family’s laundry from dirty to clean and dry in just a few hours? We can already hear you going, “oh no, there’s no way”. But Nina is here to tell you doing your laundry with us will transform your laundry routine.

More Laundry Options, More Efficiency 

Most Australian homes are only fit with one washing machine that will hold between 7kg-9kg of washing. At Nina’s, our commercial washing machines hold 9kg,13kg and even up to 18kg of laundry! 

Seriously, could you get any more efficient? Our front loaders hold up to 18kg of laundry. That’s the equivalent of 4 loads of laundry. Now unless you’ve got some domestic superpowers that we don’t know about, doing the family laundry at home would take you all day. But, when you come to Nina’s, you can wash 4 loads in 24 minutes. That’s less than a quarter of the time it would take a domestic washing machine to do just one load of laundry! 

Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones

Being a local laundromat here at Nina’s, we love the community around us and consider our customers like family, so we know how important spending that time is together. Our machines have such a large capacity, so they take less time. As a result, you can get in and out of Nina’s Laundromat quickly, giving you the time to spend with your kids and loved ones. 

Save Time and Money By Using a Laundromat 

When you come to Nina’s, you’ll save time and money. Just one 13kg cycle is only $8, takes 24 minutes to wash and will cover 3 baskets of washing! The coffee and biscuit you get while waiting for your laundry is probably almost the same price. Not to mention, when you’re constantly doing laundry, the time adds up, and it’s hard to ignore the late nights we’ve all spent in front of the TV folding and matching socks. And, how could we forget our 18kg machines can wash up for 4 loads of laundry for just $10? We’ll let that one sink in. 

Swapping out doing your laundry at home for a trip to Nina’s once a week will give you so much more free time and allow you to spend time with the ones you love. You’ll also get that much-needed extra time to yourself that we all crave and deserve without a hint of guilt. So why not come and pay us a visit?

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