How long does it take to dry laundry?

Laundry dryer time calculator

Using a clothes dryer to dry your laundry can be suprisingly intimidating. Not to worry, Nina has you covered!

We developed this handy laundry dryer calculator to give you a give as to how long you’ll need to put your clothes in the dryer.

How to use the Laundry Dryer Calculator.

1) Select which type of laundry your are going to dry.

2) Enter the estimated weight of your laundry. If you’re not sure how much your laundry weighs, don’t worry, a prompt will come up after you make your selection.

3) Press the ‘calculate button’.

Need help understanding how long to dry your laundry?

If you’re unsure about which settings to select when drying your laundry check out our pointers below.

Laundry Drying Time Calculator

We strongly recommend that your seperate your laundry where possible. Different items may require different dryer settings.

In addition to this, some items will take much longer to dry than others. For examples towels are designed to hold water and will take longer than items like t-shirts. If you wash your towels and clothes together the prolonged exposure to heat may ruin your clothes.

For best results seperate clothes, towels and bedding and wash them seperately.

We are experts at drying towels, believe me. Our Melbourne towel services washing hundreds of towels every week for business accross the northern suburbs.

Towels are designed to hold water so they will take longer to dry than other items. Knowing this we like to start drying our towels on a medium seeting to avoid a build up of humidity in the dryer. Then we switch it to high for the last 15-20 minutes of the cycle to make sure the towels are completely dry.


We have one big tip when drying bedsheets. Don’t try to dry too many at the same time.

Bedsheets, topsheets and other bedding will bunch together in the dryer if too many are placed in the machine at the same time. When this happens even if your sheets tumbling in the dryer for a hour, when they come out the middle will still be wet.

Here’s how to avoid making bed sheet burrito. Set the dryer to high and dry 1-2 sheets at a time. Bedsheets are super thing and done hold much water so they should be dry in 12-15 minutes.  

Nina’s Laundrette has huge 27kh washing machines that a specifically designed for washing doonas. We also have extra large dryers to accomodate drying your doona. Doonas should be placed in the dryer on the low setting for approximately an hour and half.

Place 2-3 tennis balls in the dryer with your doona. This will fluff up your doona and dromatically decrease the drying time.

Remember to always read the care instructions on the label before placing your doona in the dryer.

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