Tips for Laundry in Melbourne

Tips for Laundry Day in Melbourne

Some people hate laundry day. Other people avoid laundry day until their dirty laundry basket overflows. It doesn’t have to be like this. Doing your laundry in Melbourne can be easy to build into your weekly routine if you follow a few easy steps.

Find the best laundromat near you

Not everyone in Melbourne has a laundry or access to a reliable washing machine and dryer. For those people, laundromats are a great alternative. Simply google ‘laundromat near me’ and you’ll find all the options close by. Look for one with lots of reviews to be sure that the laundromat is well maintained.

Laundromats have efficient and high-capacity machines, which means that you will be able to wash different types of laundry (clothes, linen, doonas) at the same time. You will likely also save time as laundromats have commercial laundry equipment, and their cycle times are usually less than half that of domestic machines.

Sort your laundry in advance

Sorting your laundry before you start can save you time and help your clothes to last longer. Where possible, you should separate your whites, coloured and delicate items as well as bedding items and towels. Alternatively, you can also group clothes by their fabrics and washing instructions There are 2 reasons for this.

  1. It keeps your clothes in good shape, preventing colour bleeding and early ware from overwashing.
  2. You can group items that take a similar time to dry. For example, towels take a lot longer to dry than clothes and sheets. So separating them means you’ll be able to save some money on the dryer.

Build new, productive habits on your laundry day

A big reason why people don’t like laundry day is that there’s a time spent waiting. Why not use that hour and dedicate it to something productive? Associating a new habit with laundry day can greatly increase the chances that you’ll stick to it. Laundromats usually have plenty of seating and free WiFi. There is no shortage of things you can do in an hour and a bit.

You could:

  • Study/complete your homework
  • Learn a new language
  • Read a book/catch up on a podcast
  • Complete your weekly grocery shopping
  • Schedule a weekly catch up with your friends (and do your laundry together!)
  • Plan laundry around your kid’s sport or extracurricular activities

Whatever new habit you choose, just make sure you set a reminder to make you come back to the laundromat to move your clothes from the washing machine to the dryer!

Stay consistent with laundry days

It’s a great idea to pick a specific day for laundry and stick to it. Just like building your new habit, consistency is key. Once you have your new habit in place, laundry day will just happen naturally.

Fold and hang laundry immediately after you’ve finished

When your clothes are washed and dried, avoid tossing them into the basket right away. That’s an extra five minutes to fold your laundry. Your laundry will come over the dryer already wrinkle-free. If you throw them back into a bag they’ll just get creased again.

Your future self will thank you when you get home and all you need to do is neatly pack away your clothes that you don’t need to iron.

Doing your laundry in Melbourne can take time and some effort. However, with these tips, laundry day doesn’t have to be an inconvenience anymore.

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