Nearest Laundromat to Me with Large Capacity Washing Machines

Nearest Laundromat to Me with Large Capacity Washing Machines-min

I recently spoke to someone who told me that they run their washing machine 3 times a day to get through her family’s washing. I couldn’t believe that a family of five produces so much laundry, it just seemed like way too much for a domestic washing machine to handle.

If your domestic washing machine is constantly running, you might want to try searching ‘Nearest laundromat to me with large capacity washing machines’. You might be able to save yourself a bunch of time and money. 

Laundromat for families with heaps of washing

A family of 4 can produce a surprising amount of laundry. Between clothes, bedding, towels and maybe even pet beds, the pile can really stack up. Given that a domestic washing machine can get anywhere between an hour to more than two hours, families may need to dedicate a lot of time to laundry.

There is a way to make things easier. Laundromats with large capacity washing machines and dryers are great for families who deal with heaps of laundry. Some laundromats (Nina’s Laundrette included) have washing machines that can handle 3 times the amount of laundry of a domestic washing machine. Laundromat wash cycles are 23 minutes cutting down the time to wash by ⅔. There is an additional cost associated with using a laundromat rather than washing a home. However, the time you save can be better spent with your family.

Laundromat for small business owners

Small business owners, like beauty salons, gyms, or Airbnb rentals often produce large amounts of laundry. Staying on top of laundry can be a critical part of your business. Ensuring that your towels, linen, uniforms and samples are clean, hygienic and present well are key parts of the customer experience.

Domestic machines are not an efficient way to process laundry for small businesses, which is why some choose to outsource to a commercial laundry service. Commercial laundry services can get expensive, especially if you have an irregular schedule or relatively small volume to wash.

For small businesses like these laundromats with large capacity washing machines are perfect and cost effective.

Laundromat where you can wash your doona

Domestic washing machines aren’t large enough to wash larger items like doonas, comforters, or quilts. It can be even more difficult if you’re living in an apartment or don’t have a suitable place to dry your laundry.

All laundromats will have washing machines and dryers that have a large enough capacity to wash a doona.

Here are some things to consider when washing your donnas and larger bedding:

Make sure the washing machine and dryer is large enough

Large washers at Laundromats can fit bulky items easily. This means your doona tumble in the machine and get washing a dryer evenly.

Read the care instructions before washing

Bedding is expensive, so before you start washing, read the care instructions. If your doona says dry clean only, then we suggest you take your doona to a dry cleaners to avoid damaging it.

Laundromats for people washing clothes after getting back from holiday

Holidays are amazing, but all that feeling of relaxation can be sucked away when you’re staring at the massive pile of post holiday laundry that you have to do. Save the post holiday stress, and avoid having to stare at your laundry backlog. Take your post holiday laundry to a laundromat, and get it all done in one hit.


Large-capacity washers at laundromats are convenient for everyone. They can save time and money for families, small businesses, and anyone with big laundry loads. Large capacity washing machines and dryers can fit bulky items easily, making your laundry day quicker and easier. 

So if you’re ready to make laundry day easier, search ‘Nearest laundromat to me with large capacity washing machines’. If you are in Northcote, hopefully you’ll see Nina’s Laundrette pop-up. We have high-capacity washers that can help practically anyone with loads of washing to do. Our Launderette has multiple large capacity machines and dryers so that you won’t have to wait to do your laundry. 

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