Can You Put a Doona in the Dryer?

Can You Put a Doona in the Dryer?

When it comes to laundry day, many people often find themselves questioning whether they can safely tumble dry a doona. While dryers are super convenient, it’s essential to make sure that it is the right machine with the right settings for your doona.

This is Nina’s full tried and tested advice to make sure you’re drying your doona properly step-by-step.

Check the care label

Start by examining the care label attached to your doona. This label usually offers precise guidance for washing and drying your doona.

It’s very important to be on the lookout for symbols or text that convey whether machine drying is suitable. If you encounter “Do Not Tumble Dry” or come across a crossed-out dryer symbol, avoid using the dryer.

Material matters, what’s your doona make of?

Doonas are made out of different materials and fillings. It is also crucial to discover the material and the filling in your doonas. It is generally mentioned on the package or the care label and can be these types of material:

  • Down or feather filling: Doonas with down or feather fillings are often not recommended for machine drying. The heat in the dryer can damage the delicate feathers, which could cause clumping. It is always recommended to air dry these types of doonas.
  • Synthetic fillings: Some doonas have synthetic fillings like polyester. They are more resilient to heat and may be suitable for low-heat machine drying. 
  • Cotton or cotton blend: Cotton doonas may be suitable for machine drying at a low to medium heat setting. 

Doona size and type

Consider the dimensions and thickness of your doona. If your doona happens to be thick or quite large, it may require a longer drying time and more room within the dryer to guarantee complete drying. 

At Nina’s Launderette in Northcote, we offer oversized dryer machines designed to effectively dry doonas of all sizes.

Dryer settings, how long will it take to dry a doona?

If you choose machine drying for your doona, it’s very crucial to utilise a low to medium heat setting. Avoid high heat setting because they can potentially ruin the fabric and fillings in your doona.

Drying a doona can take around 1 and a half hours on medium heat, so be patient.

Prevent your doona from clumping

Always ensure that you’re checking on the drying process periodically. To prevent clumping, you can shake or fluff the donna a few times during the drying cycle.

Another way to avoid clumping is to add 2-3 dryer balls during the drying cycle. Dryer balls move the donna around creating a larger surface area. This allows your doona to dry quicker and more evenly.

Don’t have dryer balls? That’s OK, tennis balls will work just fine.

Once the doona is dry, carefully take it out of the dryer and thoroughly inspect it. It should have a completely dry feel, with no signs of moisture or cold spots.

Next time you’re drying your doona, remember:

  • Not all doonas are suitable for machine drying. 
  • Make sure to check its care label for drying instructions.
  • It’s always better to use low or medium heat to dry your doona
  • Pick a dryer that is big enough for your doona.

If you are looking for a launderette in Northcote to dry your doona, be sure to visit us at Nina’s Launderette.

We have 14 dryers which vary in size and we have provided total laundry solutions to the Northcote community for over 50 years. Bring your doonas to Nina’s Launderette; we are open for extended hours from 6:00 a.m. to midnight on all seven days.

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